The Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentaries and Shorts opens the call for film submissions starting from February 28th until 15 April, 2013.The festival's administration has also launched the new official poster to be used in the upcoming 16th round of the Ismailia International Film Festival that will start from June 4th until June 9th, 2013.
The Ministry of Culture - Egyptian Film Center - Ismailia Governorate.
The Festival President is the President of the Egyptian Film Centre.

  1. Aims:
  2. Ismailia International Film Festival fordocumentary and short films takes place every year in Ismailia (Egypt ) to promote an intercultural dialogue for a deeper understanding of others by presenting their creative works to the audience and to encourage filmmakers of documentary and short films.

  3. The Festival Sections
  4. The Competitions:
    • Long Documentary Films competition [more than 52 min]
    • Short Documentary Films competition [maximum 52 min.]
    • Short Feature Films competition [Maximum 60 min.]
    • Animation Films [Cartoon - Puppets – Computer Graphics]

    Non – Competitive Sections:
    • out of competion.
    • Special Screenings of both documentary and short films made by distinguished filmmakers from around the world.
    • Tribute : dedicated to a film personality every year.
    • Other sections or screenings.

  5. Seminars and workshops:
  6. The Festival organizes encounters and debates between film-makers and the audience, journalists and professional. In addition the festival organize film workshops in collaboration with other film festivals and professionals that provide opportunity for the young filmmakers to advance their experience and knowledge.

  7. Conditions of participation:
    • Participation is restricted to films that have been completed during the year that precedes the year the festival takes place until the closing date.
    • Formats: 35 mm, SP and digital betacam
    • Original version with English subtitles.
    • Film prints should be in a good technical condition.

  8. Registration:
  9. The deadline of receiving the application forms and preview tapes is 1st May of each year.

  10. Selection Committee:
    • Directors and producers are requested to provide the festival with a DVD copy, with English subtitles of the film by the 1st May at the latest.
    • The term "for cultural & non-commercial screening must be Clearly written on the 35mm, the tapes or DVD.

  11. Material required by the festival:

  12. In order to enable the publication of the catalogue and allow the Press Office to further work for the promotion of each selected film, it is essential that the director or the producer sends along with the application form:
    • The film's synopsis, photos and posters.
    • The Directors bio-filmography and photo.
    • A complete press kit [articles, flyer, clipping, etc]
    • In the case of sending photos by e-mails or CD the size mustn't be less than 6 X 99 – resolution DPI or 1063 X 709.
    • The film participation in other festivals and the awards.
  13. The Jury:
  14. -The International Jury composed of 2 juries [ 3 members each Including one Egyptian member ]
    -Documentry jury.
    -Short Fiction and animation jury.

  15. AWARDS:
    • The best film Prize in each competition [ a sum of $3000 + Golden Tablet and a certificate is awarded to the director.
    • The jury prize is given to a film in each competition and is of the sum of $2000.
    • the jury has the right to give amention or more to a film or any branch of the films participating in the five competitions [maximum five]
    • All films screened in the competitions will receive a participating certificate.
    • Awards cannot be divided.
    • The jury has the right to hold any prize in any competition.

  16. The Promotio
  17. If the producer accepts the festival can use to maximum 10 % of the total length of the film and will never exceed 2 minutes or 1 minute of the animated films for the TV Channels for the purpose of promoting the festival.

  18. Freight of Selected Films:
    • All film prints should be sent to the festival’s address before the 1st of May and it is preferred to dispatch film via the Egyptian embassies abroad .
    • The festival should be informed of the diplomatic pouch or the shipping details.
    • The films will be returned to the address mentioned on the application form within 30 days after the festival closure.

  19. Insurance: Prints are insured as long as they are in the festival possession.

  20. Exceptions and disputes:
    • The festival management is responsible for settling the cases not provided in the regulations.
    • These regulations are published in Arabic and English, the Arabic version shall apply if any doubt arises.
    • The festival management is responsible for settlement of all cases not mentioned in the present regulations.
    • The entry of a film implies that all the terms of these regulations have been accepted .
    • All the festival’s screenings are non-commercial.
    • The festival kindly requests all the participants to deposit the DVD tape of their films in the festival’s videotheque.
    • The Festival has the right to 3 screenings for each selected film. Any Additional screening will only be granted after a negotiation between the festival and the eligible party.

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