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Filmmakers discuss Said Shimi achievements in cinema during his honoring seminar
Egypt, Cairo | Thursday - 11 April, 2019:
Filmmakers discuss Said Shimi achievements in cinema during his honoring seminar An honoring seminar for cinematographer Said Shimi was held within the activities of the 21st round of Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentaries and Shorts. The seminar was moderated by critic Fayza Hindawi while one of Shimi's films titled "Champions from Egypt" was screened during the seminar. Hindawi discussed Shimi's artistic history in which he made 108 films. She also pointed out that he was the first Egyptian cinematographer to film under water. She also added that Shimi published 28 books including veteran director Mohamed Khan's letters to him. During the seminar, Shimi said that modern technology made a quantum leap in film industry and enabled cinephilas to discuss films but the technology also had its negative impacts on film. Shimi underlined that his generation was in love with cinema, adding that he and cinematographer Mahmoud Abdel Samie recorded October War in which the National Center for Cinema produced films about the war which were directed by well-known directors Shadi Abdel Salam, Samir Ouf, Ahmed Rashed and others. Abdel Samie said he is happy to attend the honoring of Shimi while director Hashim Nahas noted that Shimi was one of the first cinematographers who filmed in the streets not in the studios. While director Ahmed Atef said Shimi is one of the most important cinematographers in the whole world, adding that he is also a patriot who is keen to know everything about cinema.
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