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PressConf for juries of Ismailia film festival Saturday
Egypt, Cairo | Saturday - 13 April, 2019:
Ismailia International Film Festival will organize on Saturday a press conference for the juries of fiction and animation at Tolip hotel at 1pm. The festival will also hold a seminar titled "Horizons of Production and Distribution of Documentaries in the World" at 3pm. The seminar will discuss the production mechanisms used in various countries, how technology affected the production of documentaries and the role of TV stations and internet on the production and distribution of documentaries. The seminar will also tackle the role of institutions, funds and festivals to the distribution of documentaries all over the world. The seminar's speakers include director of Hot Dox film festival in Canada Chris Macdonald, head of Dockanema film festival in Mozambique Pedro Pimenta, director of Toronto African Film Festival and producer Paris Rogers, director and producer Mmweze Ngangura from Congo, head of Club for All People Naja Alashker, Egyptian critic Emad Nweiry, Tunisian director Mohammed Challouf, Egyptian producer Hala Galal, Egyptian producer Dina Abou Zeid, Syrian distributer Alaa Karkouti. The seminar will be moderated by Egyptian director Ahmed Rashwan.
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