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Director of Bab Allah discusses the film's humanitarian approach
Egypt, Cairo | Sunday - 14 April, 2019:
A Q&A was held for director Ahmed El Baily to discuss his film Bab Allah within the 21st round of Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentaries and Shorts. The Q&A was moderated by critic Doha El Werdany. The director discussed the film from a humanitarian point of view in which one of the characters of the film stole the door of a mosque to feed his family. Critic Magda Moris asked the director about the duration of the shooting of the film in which the director said the film took a long time in the post-production especially in editing and coloring. He added that the grey color that is prevailing in the film is reflecting the depression of the graveyards and houses of poor people. Critic Ramy Abdel Razek asked about stealing the door of the mosque as a coffin for his dead baby. The director said that shorts allow more experimentalism and challenge. He added that the film is portraying a fictional story that can be agreed on or refused by viewers.
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