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Ismailia film festival organizes seminar to honor late director Osama Fawzy
Egypt, Cairo | Monday - 15 April, 2019:
The administration of Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentaries and Shorts organized a seminar to honor the late director Osama Fawzy. The seminar was moderated by critic Mohsen Wify and attended by Fawzy's sister Afaf Fawzy, director Mona Assad and director Youssry Nassrallah. During the seminar, one of Fawzy's films was screened. Wify hailed Ismailia film festival over honoring a number of filmmakers including Osama Fawzy. He said that he was introduced to Fawzy 30 years ago through a mutual friend who is the late director Radwan El Kashef. He said that he liked Fawzy's films and that led him to urge the president of Ismailia film festival to make a book about Fawzy. He said that the book lies in sections; the first section includes articles by Fawzy's friends including Ali Badrakhan, Mostafa Zikry, Laila Fahmy and others, the second section includes articles by young directors who were influenced by his works while the third section includes articles by various film critics about Fawzy and his films. Nasrallah said that cinema is facing a great problem that prevents filmmakers from making films including Fawzy who couldn't do any films for a long time before his death. While Assad called for renovating films to maintain the cinema's heritage especially that a number of Fawzy's films are not available or available in low quality. At the end of the seminar, president of the festival Essam Zakaria handed Fawzy's sister, Afaf, the honoring shield while head of Cinema professions syndicate Mosad Fouda handed her an appreciation certificate and a silver medal.
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