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Films | Documentaries


Director: Marga Gutiérrez

Spain | 71 Min | 2021




Idoia, Pili, Rosa and Emma live with some sort of disability. They attend an empowerment workshop where they tackle issues related to self-worth and work on tools to face life. Behind their fears and doubts, we discover there is something deeper uniting them. And a question that will always lead their lives: Will we ever feel loved?



Director Biography:

Born in Pamplona-Spain, 1977, she studies Audiovisual Communication in UNAV. She starts in Arena Communication producing: Pura Vida or District Zero. Master's Degree in Cultural Management and Administration (UEMC), starts as director and screenwriter: Eki.Librio and Cuerdas . AMA-DAS is her first documentary feature film, she is a Professor at the UNAV: Documentary and Final Degree Projects. 



Script: Marga Gutiérrez

D.O.P: Jokin Pascual

Editing: Andrés Salaberri Pueyo

Producer: Lucía Benito De la Fuente



2- Borderlands

Director: Samarth Mahajan

India | 67 Min | 2021




An intimate exploration of how everyday lives intertwine with borders in the Indian subcontinent. The film brings together six characters whose lives are defined by personal and political borders. Through conversations and observations, the characters reveal their efforts to find meaning in a world beyond their control. Divided families meet, love blossoms across borders, traffickers get caught – in this slice of life documentary.


Director Biography:

Non-fiction filmmaker, passionate about telling human stories from India that remains invisible to the mainstream. ‘The Unreserved’, his national award-winning debut feature premiered at Film South Asia, 2017. ‘Kazwa’, his short documentary, won awards at multiple international awards in film festivals.


Script: Samarth Mahajan

D.O.P: Omkar Divekar

Editing: Anadi Athaley

Producer: Sunil Doshi, Ashay Gangwar, Devaiah Bopanna, Samarth Mahajan



3- Door to the World

Director: Abd Alrahman Mahmoud

Egypt | 64 Min | 2021




Chance leads the protagonist on the same route trodden five years earlier by a group of travellers. They were hit by a blizzard on their way down from “the door to the world” summit in Wadi Jebaal. In -13 degrees temperatures and one of the most rugged mountains in the Sinai.


Director Biography:

Graduated with the highest honors from the Higher Institute of Cinema, 2007. While he was a student and until today, he worked as a sound recorder, sound designer, producer, and post-production supervisor. Between 2011-2015, he led several workshops in the field of sound design. The films he worked on have participated in local and international festivals, including Abu Dhabi Film Festival, Dubai Film Festival, IDFA, International Rotterdam Film Festival, Tetouan Film Festival.


Script: Abd Alrahman Mahmoud

D.O.P: Abd Alrahman Mahmoud

Editing: Abd Alrahman Mahmoud

Producer: Abd Alrahman Mahmoud



4- Eskape

Director: Neary Adeline Hay

France | 70 Min | 2021




Cambodia 1981. After The Fall Of The Khmer Rouge Regime, A Woman Flees A Country In Fire And Blood. She Holds A Baby In Her Arms. Forty Years Later, Confronted With Her Mother's Silence Forged By Trauma And Time, The Director Decides To Embark On A Long Journey. From The Cambodian Jungle, Through the Former Refugee Camps of Thailand and Indonesia, To the Asylum-Seekers Centers in France.


Director Biography:

Born in Cambodia, 1981. Found asylum in France with her family and grew up in the suburbs of Paris. Very passionate about film, Hay bought her first camcorder at age sixteen. She studied plastic arts and applied arts, made experimental films, and traveled the world with her camera. Her debut film was Angkar (2018).


Script: Neary Adeline Hay

D.O.P: Neary Adeline Hay

Editing: Neary Adeline Hay

Producer: Jasmin Basic, Fabrizio Polpettini



5- Film, the Living Record of Our Memory

Director: Inés Toharia

Spain, Canada | 119 Min | 2021





Why we are still able to watch moving images captured over 125 years ago? As we move ever further into the digital age, our audiovisual heritage seems to be taken increasingly for granted. However, much of our filmed history and cinema has already been lost forever. Film archivists, curators, technicians, and filmmakers from around the world explain what film preservation is and why it is needed. 



Director Biography:

After completing her studies in literature and film, Inés received a grant to pursue her training in filmmaking in the UK and later specialized in film preservation in the USA with a Fulbright scholarship. She has directed documentaries and short films that have been broadcast nationally and internationally, receiving different awards. 


Script: Inés Toharia

D.O.P: Daniel Vilar

Editing: Abraham Lifshitz, Inés Toharia

Producer: Isaac Garcia, Paul Cadieux



6- Looking for Horses

Director: Stefan Pavlović

Netherlands, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France | 88 Min | 2021




A friendship between the filmmaker and a fisherman, who lost his hearing during the Bosnian civil war and retreated to a lake to live in solitude. The filmmaker, son of Bosnian parents, struggles to communicate as he lost his mother tongue due to a stutter. Despite their speech and hearing limitations, a bond develops between the young man and the veteran.


Director Biography:

Received his BA in film directing at Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles. In 2017 he was selected to participate in the documentary film residency Aristoteles Workshop in Romania. He made his third short film when the dragon came. The film had its premiere at the Netherlands Film Festival in 2018.


Script: Stefan Pavlović

D.O.P: Stefan Pavlović

Editing: Sabine Groenewegen, Stefan Pavlović

Producer: Kostana Banovic



7- Soy Libre

Director: Laure Portier

Belgium | 78 Min | 2021




Arnaud is the director's little brother. One day I realized that he had grown up. He was born where people have no choices and he is trying to be what he should have been. Free!


Director Biography:

Born in France, 1983. After getting her degree in Literature in Toulouse and a year at ESAV, she joins INSAS in Brussels (Image section). Upon graduation, she becomes a camera assistant and works on feature films. She presents her first short film, The Dog’s eye in 2019 awarded by the Cinéma du Réel festival. Soy Libre is her first feature film.


Script: Laure Portier

D.O.P: Laure Portier

Editing: Laure Portier

Producer: Gaëlle Jones



8- Summer Pack

Director: Salem Ballal

Morocco| 63 Min| 2021




In the desert of Morocco, the characters of this film choose to live in isolation from the city and its society. Consistent with difficult environmental conditions. They find comfort in conversing with God, away from his creation, in boundless spaces.


Director Biography:

Born in Morocco in 1981, he holds a master's degree in aesthetic education and management of art and culture professions at Mohammed V University in Rabat.


Script:  Lamghafri Nima

D.O.P: Amin Messadi

Editing: Nadia Touijer

Producer: Said Zribiaa




9- The Sailor

Director: Lucia Kasova

Slovakia| 78 Min| 2021





What is the price of freedom? Paul Johnson sailed the world all his life. He loved, drank and lived foolish, never truly living on land. Now he is turning eighty. Both he and his boat are unfit to sail. He drinks a liter of vodka a day and contemplates his life, his death.


Director Biography:

Independent Slovakian filmmaker, she graduated from VSMU Film faculty – Documentary Directing, her student shorts awarded at many international festivals. She aims to depict in her films the spaces between the lines of human experiences. “The Sailor” is her feature-length debut.


Script: Lucia Kasova

D.O.P: Martin Jurci

Editing: Roman Kelemen

Producer: Nazarij Klujev




10- Welcome Back, Farewell

Director: Marcos Yoshi

Brazil| 105 Min| 2021





Parents and children have reunited after 13 years apart. This is the starting point of “Welcome Back, Farewell”, a documentary that follows the emotional process of rebuilding a family, which is part of a culture of family separation known as the dekassegui phenomenon.


Director Biography:

Born in 1985. He moved to the capital São Paulo to study Audiovisual at the University of São Paulo. There, he directed the fiction short films "Aurora" (2010), "Acordairis" (2011) and other films. ”Welcome Back, Farewell" his debut feature film.


Script: Marcos Yoshi

D.O.P: Gabriel Barrella, Marcos Yoshi

Editing: Yuri Amaral

Producer: Heitor Franulovic 


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