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Ladj Ly

French director

President of the International Competition Jury



French director Ladj Ly was selected as President of the International Jury of the festival, whose members were divided into two sub-committees. One of which judges the long and short documentary competitions and the other judges the short fiction and animation competitions.

Ly was born in 1980 in Mali and he grew up in Montfermeil. He started making films with his friends Kim Chapiron, Romain Gavras and JR. Lyamazed the world cinema with his film"Les Miserables", which was awarded the Jury Prize at Cannes International Film Festival in 2019, and was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Foreign Film. The film rises to the level of a true cinematic masterpiece despite being the first feature work of his director.

The choice of "Ly" is very suitable for the Ismailia Festival, as he was distinguished by directing documentaries and short films Including "365 days in Clichy-Monfermeil" in 2005 and "365 days in Mali" in 2011, before presenting "Les Miserables".

The funny thing is that “Les Miserables” itself was a short fiction film that won “Ly” many awards at “Clermont-Ferrand” festival in 2017, before turned it into a feature film that won the previous awards. His experience is an inspiring one for other filmmakers.



Jury of Long and Short Documentary Films Competitions


1- Layane Chawaf



Born in Aleppo, then she moved to Paris in 1981. After studying French literature in Damascusand  linguistics and translation in Paris, she moved to work in the field of cinema and joined the work team of the Arab World Institute in 1992.

She participated in the organization of the Arab Cinema Biennale in Paris (1992-2006) as well as in all the activities of the film department of the institute: programs, premieres, festivals, round tables, seminars, etc.

Since 2013, she has been responsible for the film department of the institute and then the president of  the first edition of the Arab Film Festival in Paris from June 28 to July 8, 2018.

She also coordinated and participated in editing books and film publications at the institute, the most important of which is "Egypt, One Hundred Years of Cinema" (1995 Éditions Plume). She participated in the jury of many festivals.



2- David Palacios



He started working as a documentary cameraman 15 years ago. He lives in Spain and works internationally on an array of films, television projects, documentaries and music videos.

His many films include Ultrainocencia directed by Mane Arija, Teoria de springe directed by Jerome Walter Gueguen, Finlandia, My Kingdom Come and Grazing the Sky directed by Horacio Alcala, Paparazzi directed by Saad Hendawy, Toma ceroPionera directed by Rosa Blas Traisac, Voix d ́Afrique contre le corruption  directed by Dorothee Fischer, Los cuatro elementos for director Pablo Villalba, 500g de vida and Pau Casals for director Laurent Dufreche, Puteros and Jorge se esnifó su vida for director Ana Isabel Muñoz.


Jury of Short Fiction and Animation Films Competitions


1- Vincent Gallagher



He is an IFTA Award winning filmmaker based in Ireland. He is best known for his short films 'Love is a Sting' and 'Second to None'.

Both were long listed for the Academy Awards, have collectively won over 40 international awards, with Second to None winning the Irish Film and Television Academy Award for 'Best Animation'.

Vincent’s work has spanned multiple platforms and disciplines, from Live Action, Stop Motion Animation, and VR.

Among his films: Leave to Remain 2017, Second to None 2016, Love is a Sting 2015, Burning Wishes 2014 and Signs 2011.


2- Frédérique Devaux



She is a Franco-Berber film director born in Paris who has made numerous experimental films and documentaries since her 1980 - Film avec pellicule- Her most recent works include Accords à cœur, 2012, Impressions de Kabylie, 2011, Clins de vue, 1999. 

Among her many written works are: Man with a Movie Camera - Dziga Vertov, Yellow Now, 1990, Le Cinéma lettriste, Paris Expérimental, 1991, Entretiens avec Isidore Isou, La Bartavelle, 1991.

In 2016 she published an important work on the history and aesthetic of kabyle and amazigh cinema, De la naissance du cinéma kabyle au cinéma amazigh with Éditions L'Harmattan (France) and in Algeria with Amel editions (Tizi Ouzou).


3- Sandra Nashaat

Egyptian Director



Her full name is Sandra Nashat Basal. She studied film directing and obtained a BA from the Higher Institute of Cinema, directing department in 1992, and a BA in French language department in 1993. She also received a scholarship in the United States of America in 1994. She began her artistic career with the short film (LastWinter), then directed a documentary film called (Moviola). While her debut was in feature films through the film(Mabroukand Bulbul) in 1996. Then she presented a number of successful films such as: (Why Did I Fall For You), (Thievesat KG2Classes), (Mallaki Eskenderiya), (Transit Prisoner)and (The Deal). In addition to this, Sandra presented many video clips, most notably the song (Fakrak Ya Nasini) by the singer Mohamed Fouad, the song (The Most Difficult Love) by the singer Khaled Agag and the song (Why) by the singer Ghada Ragab.


4- Pip Chodorov



He was born in New York and has been making films and music since 1971. He studied cognitive science at the University of Rochester, NY, and film semiotics at the University of Paris, France. He has worked primarily in film distribution: Orion Classics (NY), UGC (Paris), Light Cone (Paris) and, currently, Re:Voir Video (Paris) which he founded in 1994. He is founder and director of The Film Gallery (Paris, 2005) the first art gallery devoted exclusively to experimental film. He is also co-founder of L'Abominable (Paris) a cooperative do-it-yourself film lab, and the moderator of the internet-based forum on experimental film, FrameWorks. He has been associate professor of film at Dongguk University (Seoul) since 2013.


Jury of Students Films Competition


1- Mohamed Kamel

Egyptian filmmaker




A Multi Award-Winning Egyptian filmmaker. He has a BFA in Film Directing at the Higher Institute of Cinema in Cairo.

He has written and directed several short fiction films, which have participated in many prestigious international film festivals and were awarded 42 international awards. He is currently working on several upcoming film and television projects.


2- Mahmoud Lotfy

Egyptian Cinematographer



He was born in Cairo on March 3, 1985. He studied cinema at the Higher Institute of Cinema in Egypt. He filmed a number of short films such as (Spring of 89)  directed by Ayten Amin 2009, (Lica) by Tarek Abdel Warith 2011 and (The Girl and the Writer) by Salma Zaki / Egypt - Germany 2018

He filmed many feature films such as (Heliopolis) by Ahmed Abdullah 2009, (The Factory Girl) by Mohammad Khan 2014 and (HammamSokhn) by Manal Khaled 2018 and others. And TV series such as (People of Alexandria) by Khairy Bishara 2015 and (Sabeaa Jar) by Nadine Khan, Ayten Aminand Heba Yousry 2017.  He also filmed a number of long documentaries such as (Inside / Outside the Room)by DinaHamza 2010, (Press Corridor) by Basil Ramses 2018 and (Shadi Abdel Salam Farewell Song) by Ahmed Rashwan 2021.

He taught cinema and lighting at the Jesuit Cinema School from 2008 until 2016, where he shot a number of short filmsmadeby graduate students and young independent filmmakers. Aswell as video art projects by many reputable artists including Moataz Nasr El Din. He received the Alexander Payne Award from the Salonki Film Festival, as well as a special tribute to cinematography for the film (Exit for the Day).


3- Naglaa El-Heddeeny

Author and Screenwriter



She graduated from the Higher Institute of Cinema (screenplay department). Among her most important dramatic works are the series “I must live” in 2020 - a story, script and dialogue, the series “Half- Insane” in 2020, Part One - Dramatic treatment and script / Part Two - story and script, “like the Sun” series Ramadan 2019 - dramatic vision and script, series  “Like it was yesterday” 2018 - a dramatic vision and script, “Above Suspicions” series, Ramadan 2016 - drawing characters, “Zaat” series Ramadan 2013 - 15 episodes dialogue, “Sealing Wax” series Ramadan 2010 - story, script and dialogue (in partnership with others).

She also participated in many jury committees and lectures, including: Member of the Jury Committee of the "Sakia Festival for Short Films" in 2020, a member of the Film Selection Committee at the "Luxor African Film Festival" in 2017, a member of the Jury in the "Nadine Shams Competition for Short Films" in 2015.

In addition her participation in a number of scenario development trainings/workshops, including:

Intersect Series Development Lab (Christmas Scenario / American Film Show / MEMI) (2019) and Screen Buzz Creative Workshop and (Cairo Industrial Days) workshop at Cairo International Film Festival (2019).


Jury of FIPRECSI Competition


1- Dinu-Ioan Nicula



Born 7 January 1968, Bucharest, Romania – Film critic and historian, cinema & media PhD at the National University of Theater and Film Bucharest (2004). Graduate of FIAF Summer School London (1996). Long involvement into the activity of the National Film Archive (cataloging, programming) and of the Cinematheque, curator of the great Romanian retrospective at the Festival „Alpe Adria” Trieste (2001). Several participations in his country and abroad into collective works of film history (Belgium, Italy, Great Britain) and at scientifical sessions (Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria). Author of „Journey into the World of the Romanian Animation Movie” (1997) and coauthor of „Filmed in Romania 2010-2014” (issued in 2017). Many years columnist at Radio Romania Cultural, now writing for the quarterly „Film” (the main Romanian magazine of cinema). Member in the FIPRESCI jury at Motovun (2005), Cottbus (2014), Chemnitz (2016), Leipzig (2017) and Palić (2021).

[International Chess Arbiter, with participations at Olympiad, World & European Championships; National Champion at solving puzzles & crosswords]


2- Mohamed Chouika

Moroccan Writer, Storyteller and Film Critic.



Born in 1971and holds a PhD in Philosophy. He works as a professor of philosophy, education and communication sciences in Marrakech. He has published eight short story collectionsandtwo short story studies.He also published ten studies in film criticism and visual aesthetics. He worked in several films and television in the sectors of directing and production. Member of national and international cinematic and creative jury committees. His works have received numerous citations, awards.



3- Yakout El-Deeb

Egyptian Film Critic and Researcher



Holding a MA in Film Criticism (1996) and a Doctor of Philosophy of Art Criticism (specializing in Film Criticism) (2017).

He is a member of the Film Syndicate, the Egyptian Writers Union, and others. He participated in many national and international festivals. He introduced a number of  documentaries, including: "The Oud an instrument and a Nagham" (screenplay), "Saad Eddin Wahba" and others. He has received many certificates of appreciation from many festivals inside and outside Egypt.











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