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"Very Short Films" Program at Ismailia International Film Festival

"Very Short Films" Program at Ismailia International Film Festival

At its 24th session, the Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentaries and Shorts, currently taking place, created a number of new programs, including the "Very Short Films" Program, which includes 17 films of ranging in length between one and three minutes. The films were selected in collaboration with the Very Short Films Festival, which is held annually in several French cities.

The films were screened at the Ismailia Culture Palace, where the program included 17 films, namely: “All Sports are Bowling Ball”, “Meditation”, “Time of Darkness”, “The Plastic Shopper”, “In Pieces”, “The Curse”, “Green”, “Abstraction”, “Noise”, “I'm not telling you what I think because I really don't believe it”, “Fill in the blanks”, “Crumbs”, “Only Three Words”, “Loving Borders”, “Wall Piano”, “Leo”, “Arthur”, and "Rocket".

Before the “Very Short Films” program screening, a panel discussion was held with director and screenwriter “Anne-Sophie Jacques”, a member of the Short Films Fiction and Animation Films Competitions’ judging committees.  The panel discussion was held in the presence of the Festival’s Director, critic Essam Zakaria, and presented by critic Ahmed Saad El-Din, in the Great Hall of the Palace of Culture.

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