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Films | Fiction

Films | Fiction

1- Big

Director: Daniel Pini

Italy | 14 Min | 2021




Matilde lives in a cramped house on the beach with her grandfather. She scours the sand with her metal detector to make some money, hoping to find something of value.


Director Biography:

Born in Rome, 1987. He quit his job when he received admission to the Directing class of the Experimental Center of Cinematography in Rome. Alongside his studies he founded the production company Nikada Film.


Script: Daniele Pini, Nicoletta Senzacqua

D.O.P: Sandro Chessa

Editing: Niccolò Notario

Producer: Daniele Pini, Claudia de Angelis, Niccolòm Notario



2- Bunny

Director: Tatiana Ra

Russia| 23 Min| 2021




Vanya is 7 years old, he is a wizard and friend of the defective Bunny, but his parents are seriously concerned about his strange behavior, his unwillingness to communicate with his peers, and his ailment: severe stuttering.


Director Biography:

Born in St.Petersburg, 1980. Graduated from St.Petersburg State University in 2002, where she studied French Literature and Sociology. In 2015 graduated from St.Petersburg State University of Film and Television at the workshop of Sergey Ovcharov.


Script: Maria Elagina

D.O.P: Igor Osipov

Editing: Alexander Ezhber

Producer: Tatiana Ra



3- Echoes

Director: Julien Kobersy

Lebanon | 8 Min | 2021




Told through a single-window frame, the history of two generations unfold. Family dynamics take place, in a means all too familiar to make one wonder: will they repeat their history?


Director Biography:

Born in 1991, Saida Lebanon, he studied audio-visual at Academie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts (ALBA), Balamand university where I obtained his Masters's in cinema directing. His master's short film is “Afif”(2014).


Script: Julien Kobersy

D.O.P: Patrick Farah

Editing: Julien Kobersy

Producer: Fayez Abou Khater



4- First Last Summer

Director: Nastazja Gonera

Poland | 24 Min | 2021




The world as we know coming to an end. In a secret military center, somewhere by the Polish sea, a strange experiment is being carried out - a group of scientists and military men transform repeat offenders into animals.


Director Biography:

Born 1990. Theatrologist, director, and scriptwriter graduate of Lodz Film School. She’s an author of several short movies, music videos, and documentaries. Now she is currently working on her feature debut.


Script: Nastazja Gonera

D.O.P: Tomasz Gajewski

Editing: Nikodem Chabior, Alan Zejer

Producer: Agata Golanska



5- Flowers

Director: Kristian Xipolias

Italy | 15 Min | 2021





What would the protagonist of "Bicycle Thieves", do if he lived in Italy 2021? Perhaps he would be like Manfredi, a 40 year-old man, unemployed, whose only chance is to become a rider. But he needs a bicycle.


Director Biography:

Studied Architecture at the Polytechnic University of Turin and Film Direction at the S.N.C.I in Florence. In 2018 he was co-founder of the Cinestrada film collective. he directed the short film “Ruina” which was selected in numerous international festivals.


Script: Kristian Xipolias, Antonio Tribulato

D.O.P: Jacopo Meneghin

Editing: Enrico Giovannone

Producer: Kristian Xipolias, Giovanni Tournon




6- Hidden Road

Director: KIM Cheol hwi

South Korea | 23 Min| 2021





Two cars are seen smashed on a quiet road where cars are unlikely to travel."Sung-hoon" lost his wife and daughter in the accident, but "Tae-soo" has no problem.


Director Biogrpahy:

Born in 1994. Exemplary Citizen was his first short film, premiered in Cannes Film Festival – Critics’ Week in 2018. Hidden Road is his second short film.


Script: KIM Cheol hwi

D.O.P: JUNG Jae ha

Editing: PARK Yong woon

Producer: PARK Doo byung



7- Hizia

Director: Chabname Zariab

France| 20 Min| 2021





As Louise prepares to go out of her building, a man hands her a bag before being picked up by the police.


Director Biography:

Born in Afghanistan, arrives in France at ageof7. She publishes her first novel, The Afghan Pianist, in 2011. She wrote and direct three short films: When You Hear the Bells, The Camel Boy, Hizia. Now she works on her debut feature film, Daddy


Script: Chabname Zariab

D.O.P: Eric Devin

Editing: Manon Falise

Producer: Lucas Tothe, Lou Chicoteau, Jean-Etienne Brat



8- I am an Emergency

Director: Raúl Díez Rodríguez

Spain | 24 Min | 2021





An ambulance transfers a patient in very serious condition after suffering an accident, they discover that there has been confusion and since it is not his insurance they leave him in the nearest emergency hospital.


Director Biography:

After Directing his animation short film Sr. Trapo, 2003. He directed another animated short film called El Ermitaño, 2018. Then he decided together with his brother Daniel Díez, art director, to film his first professional fiction short film.


Script: Raúl Diez,Luis Mateo Diez,Jaime D Álvarez

D.O.P: Raúl Díez Rodríguez,José Luis Borja

Editing: Raúl Díez Rodríguez,Daniel Díez Rodríguez

Producer: José A. Tomás, Madel Ortiz



9- Long Trip

Director: Ali Kadhum

Iraq, Belgium | 13 Min | 2021




Driss is the son of a Moroccan father and a Belgian mother. After his father’s death, he goes on a trip in which he faces his father and uncle’s childhood friend. Then he has to make a fateful decision according to the answer to the question: Will he cremate his father’s body or return it to his father’s homeland, according to tradition?


Director Biography:

Born in Baghdad, 1982. He first studied at the Institute of Fine Arts and then the University of Baghdad. He decided to leave Iraq because of the war. In 2006, he ended up in Antwerp, where he finds his way in the theater world as a stage designer and technician.


Script: Ali Kadhum

D.O.P: Dries Vanderaerden

Editing: Delali Ocloo




10- Mothers

Directors: Birutė Kapustinskaitė

Lithuania | 15 Min | 2021






When a single mother invites her pregnant daughter over for the weekend, she tries to show how much she cares, but anxiety takes over. Instead of connecting, the mother’s controlling behavior pushes her daughter away.


Director Biography:

Playwriter and screenwriter. In 2018, she received Lithuania’s national Golden Cross Award for the best playwright and Best Screenplay award in 2019. She teaches screenwriting. The short film ‘Mothers’ is her debut as a director.


Script: Birutė Kapustinskaitė

D.O.P: Vytautas Katkus

Editing: Gabrielė Urbonaitė

Producer: Rūta Petronytė, Kęstutis Drazdauskas




11- My Black Heart

Director: Garush Ghazaryan

Armenia | 16 Min | 2021






50-year-old Poghos, the resident of Yerevan, who, having many financial problems, has been eagerly waiting for his father’s 100th anniversary to get a Niva car from the government and sell it to pay his bills. However, nothing comes easily.


Director Biography:

Film master at Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinema. During his study, he made 4 short films in 4 years as a writer, producer.


Script: Garush Ghazaryan

D.O.P: Vahe Terteryan

Editing: Garush Ghazaryan, Gevorg Galstyan

Producer: Sofya Hovhannisyan



12- Olote

Director: Lau Charles

México | 13 Min | 2021





Julia is a child living in a Mexican town trapped in the war against drug trafficking. After waiting for days for his father’s return she meets Miria, a hitman boy.


Director Biography:

Born in Mexico City, 1991. She studied a theatre-oriented high school program. Later on, she got a bachelor’s degree in Plastic and Visual Arts. She is now studying for a Film Directing degree.


Script: Lau Charles

D.O.P: Pierre Clemenceau

Editing: Cosme Álvarez 

Producer: Maja Moguel



13- Two Strangers, A Night

Director: Khaled Mansour

Egypt | 20 Min | 2022




The hidden side of Cairo has appeared at 4 am in morning. The car of a 30th young man breaks down at the beginning of a road. He seeks another way to travel in order to say goodbye to his beloved.


Director Biography:

Born in Cairo 1991, graduated from Faculty of Arts, History department, Cairo University, at the same time he has studied cinema independently. He directed four short films.


Script: Mohamed Mahdy, Mohamed El-Hosseiny, Khaled Mansour

D.O.P: Mohamed Tarek Deraz

Editing: Omar Khodier

Producer: Rasha Hosny





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