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Films | Short

Films | Short

1- Adjusting

Director: Dejan Petrović

Serbia | 20 Min | 2021




A unique shelter for dogs in Europe, it is a place where animal controllers bring stray dogs impounded daily on the outskirts of the city. Showing the process of training these dogs, the film Adjusting, itself a metaphor, deals with a current social issue – the subjugation of the individual to the will of authority


Director Biography:

Dejan Petrović has written screenplays and directed several short feature and documentary films. As a producer, he has taken part in the production of about 50 short documentaries. He is a founder and general manager of the Independent Film Centre Filmart. He works as a professor at the department of Film and TV directing at the Academy of Arts in Belgrade.


Script: Dejan Petrović

Screenplay: Dejan Petrović

Editing: Aleksandar Uhrin, Aleksandar Popović



2- Anima Animae Animam

Directors: Julieta Gasroc,José (Putxa) Puchades Martínez

Spain | 29 Min | 2021




It is a tribute to the persons who dedicated their lives to sharing their soul with beings who never had it.To the people who gave their voices to objects that had so much to say. To tell old forgotten stories. To the puppeteers, who due to their profession, were not allowed to be buried in cemeteries, as they were considered soulless.


Director Biography:

Julieta and Putxa has dedicated most of their career to directing in the world of theatre. One could already notice her sensibility to cinema in their performances. Before creating their first film, both has directed and produced various videoclips. Anima Animae Animam is their first official experience in their search for a own cinematographic style that includes the Arts of movement and puppeteering.


Script: Julieta Gasroc,José Puchades (Putxa),David Maqueda,Marc Costa

D.O.P: Julieta Gasroc,José Puchades (Putxa),David Maqueda,Marc Costa

Editing: Marc Costa



3- Black Wagon

Director: Adilet Karzhoev

Kyrgyzstan | 24 Min | 2021




A crew of miners digs coal 500 meters underground. Miners must fulfil the daily plan. But with each hit with the pick, it becomes more and more difficult to get to the coal in the safe zone. The foreman decides to take risks and dig coal in the danger zone.


Director Biography:

Adilet Karzhoev was born on 04.07.1988 in Kyrgyzstan. In 2011, he received a Bachelor's degree from the Kyrgyz-Turkish University "Manas" (department of Radio, TV and Cinema). In 2019, he received a Master’s degree of American University in Central Asia (department of Journalism).


D.O.P: Karash Zhanyshov

Editing: Adilet Karzhoev

Producer: Adilet Karzhoev




4- Hey, Gunesh

Director: Ana Jegnaradze and Marita Tevzadze

Georgia | 22 Min | 2021






Fasha and Gunesh look like each other. They move like each other. Fasha is a father and is responsible for hundreds of sheep, Gunesh – the elder daughter takes care of twin lambs. Fasha is responsible for Gunesh as well. He gave her a name that means the sun. He now wants to give her most precious thing -independence too.


Director Biography:

Ana Jegnaradze studied philosophy and anthropology. She became interested in filmmaking and started experimenting in filming and editing after finishing her MA in Anthropology.

Marita Tevzadze is a documentary filmmaker based in Tbilisi, Georgia. She has a BA in journalism and MA in Political anthropology.


Script: Ana Jegnaradze and Marita Tevzadze

D.O.P: Ana Jegnaradze and Marita Tevzadze

Editing: Ana Jegnaradze and Marita Tevzadze

Producer: Ana Jegnaradze




5- In Between Glass and Walls

Director: Razan Hassan

Netherlands | 15 Min | 2021




Anne could not accept her own child Felix, born with Down syndrome.  Anne tries to manage her struggle in work with Sara, a 32-year-old woman with Down syndrome.


Director Biography:

Razan Hassan is a Syrian filmmaker and video artist currently living in Amsterdam. Razan is studying in The Netherlands Film Academy – Directing Documentary. In 2017, she worked as an assistant programmer inthe International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam IDFA. In addition to her passion for film, Razanworks with the University of Amsterdam (UvA) – Psychology department as an assistant researcher


Script: Razan Hassan

Editing: Sammie Seuren

Producer: Kim Idsinga

DoP: David van der Drift



6- In Flow of Words

Director: Eliane Esther Bots

Netherlands | 22 Min | 2021




In Flow of Words follows the narratives of three interpreters of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. They interpreted shocking testimonies from witnesses, victims and perpetrators, without ever allowing their own emotions, feelings and personal histories to be present. Contrary to their position at the tribunal, this film places their voices and experiences center stage.


Director Biography:

Eliane Esther Bots graduated University of the Arts Utrecht (NL) in 2008. In 2017 her film ‘The Brick House’ was shortlisted for a ‘Golden Calf’ at The Netherlands Film Festival.


D.O.P: Danial Donato

Producer: Manon Bovenkerk



7- Melina

Director: David Valolao

Italy | 11 Min | 2021




All alone and with an extraordinary amount of willpower, Melina has chosen to undertake a journey into the unknown, sacrificing her own family to defend Holy Mother Earth. The rubbish that has invaded every corner of this world expresses and confirms humanity's actions against nature. Melina's mission is a demiurgic effort to restore light into people's hearts.


Director Biography:

David Valolao (Chiavari, 1989) graduated in Graphics and Design from the Academy of Fine Arts in Genoa. He discovered his passion for storytelling and filmmaking at the age of twenty. His first short film was “Exit”, a thriller.


Script:  David Valolao

D.O.P: David Valolao

Editing: David Valolao

Producer: David Valolao




Director: Daniel Suberviola

Spain | 26 Min | 2021




Mutha searches for antipersonnel mines in the Western Sahara Desert. Every day, she faces death. Every exploded landmine reminds her that she has saved a life, but also that a mine marked her destiny. She is not alone between the fire and the sand. At her side, a presence paralyzes her, but also forces her to keep searching.


Director Biography:

DANIEL SUBERVIOLA began his career as a screenwriter for the satirical program «Las Noticias del guiñol». He has also worked as a radio and television reporter until he founded Asma Films. As a director, he has been nominated for the Goya with the film «El hombre que estaba allí» and has directed nearly a dozen films, always at the service of the stories of excluded people and those immersed in conflicts that speak of gender issues, violence and minorities. Stories that portraits the human condition.


D.O.P: Ignacio Llarena,Daniel Suberviola

Editor: Daniel Suberviola



9- Shero

Director: Claudio Casale

Italy, India | 14 Min | 2021




Shabnam was attacked with acid when she was a teenager. Today she is a Shero, a women's rights activist from India who is raising her daughter by teaching her the value of beauty and feminine strength, beyond social conventions


Director Biography:

Claudio Casale was born in Rome, where he graduated in Business Administration. He lived for years in India and Southeast Asia, where he developed his passion for documentary. Back in Italy, he made “Piccolo mondo cane” (2017), documentary about job precariousness and the right-to-work. In 2018 he made “My Tyson”, with the contribution of MiBAC (Italian Minister of Culture), which had its world première at the 75th Venice Film Festival in the MigrArti section, where it won the Best Documentary Award. The short film was shortlisted at Nastri d’Argento.


Script:  Claudio Casale

D.O.P: Claudio Casale

Editing: Emanuele Paragallo

Producer: Viola Brancatella | Claudio Casale



10- The Carriers

Director: Egor Mostovshchikov

Russia | 40 Min | 2021




This is a story of five taxi drivers from five Russian cities. Our heroes are a Russian rapper, a former thief, a soldier of two armies, a faithful waiting wife of a convict, and a search Activist.


Director Biography:

Egor Mostovshchikov was born on 1989 in Russia. In 2011 graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University as a journalist. He worked as a journalist in The New Times, Novaya Gazeta, Kommersant, Russian Reporter, Forbes, GQ, Afisha, Medusa, Quartz, and was the editor-in-chief of Snob


Script: Evgeny Babushkin

Editing: Vasily Mostovshchikov

Producer: Egor Mostovshchikov, Alyona Belyakova, Polina Kuzenyatkina, Valeria Davydova, Georgy Lobushkin, Philip Volzhenin, Evgenia Chernysheva, Daria Shulik

DoP: Anton Petrov, Anatoly Naimushin, Alexey Tselovalnikov, Teymur Khalikov, Pavel Peskov



11- Sanftes Blech | The Trombone that saved me

Director: Anas Salaheldin

Germany, Egypt | 22 Min | 2021




During the Covid-19 pandemic, Former Orchestra Leader & Music Teacher Stephan Senftleben finds it difficult to keep playing music in the street as used to do since his retirement, so he searches for other ways to play music in order to make the people happy.


Director Biography:

Anas Salaheldin has studied Screenwriting at the Higher Institute of Cinema in Egypt. He worked asassistant director for TV series and commercials, then he worked on writing and directing short films. InJune 2019 he moved to Germany to work at the Open TV Channel.


Script: Anas Salaheldin

Editing: Anas Salaheldin  - Victoria Lukena

Producer: Anas Salaheldin

DoP: Anas Salaheldin



12- Edris

Director: Amir Al Shenawy

Egypt | 17 Min | 2021




Edris is a short documentary about a 17-year-old Eritrean boy who fled the war in his country to settle in Egypt. Since his arrival to Egypt in 2014, Edris has been trying to integrate into the Egyptian society and dreaming to get a chance to become a promising professional football player and help his family back home. Despite being selected by El-Gouna Football club, the Eritrean boy hasn’t been able to play official matches with the team due to his refugee status.


Director Biography:

Amir El-Shenawy is an Egyptian documentary director and producer. He received his MA in ScreenDocumentary from Goldsmiths, University of London in 2017. El-Shenawy’s feature documentary debut, Kilo 64, had its world premiere at Cairo International Film Festival in 2018, and it was nominated for both Best Arab Film and Best Artisitic Contribution prizes. In addition, it won the first film award from the National Festival for Egyptian Cinema.


D.O.P: Joseph Raouf

Editing: Ahmed Nabil

Producer: Digital Tales Production


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