• 23.04.2017

    Closing ceremony of the festival
  • 23.04.2017

    Closing ceremony of the festival
  • 23.04.2017

    Closing ceremony of the festival
  • 20.04.2017

    19th IIFF
  • 19.04.2017

    The opening film "Beyond Flamenco" 90s - Documentary - Spain - 2016
  • 22.04.2017

    Ismailia for documentary films and short honors “Qalioubi”
  • 18.03.2017

    Starting of first workshops for Ismailia International Film Festival
Closing ceremony of the festival
In the presence of Mr. Helmi Al-Nunem, Minister of Culture, Major General Yasin Taher, Governor of Ismailia, Mr. Mahab Mmeish, Chairman of the Suez Canal Authority, Dr. Khalid Abdul Jalil, Advisor to the Minister of Culture for Cinema Affairs and Chairman of the National Center for Cinema, and critic Issam Zakaria, 19th International Festival of Documentary and Short Film.
The ceremony was presented by the announcer Hala Al-Hamlawi. The children who took part in the animation workshop held by the festival in collaboration with the Animation Society, headed by Dr. Rachida Al-Shafei, took the stage first. Also noted was the wall designed by the artist Ashraf Kamal entitled "Kifah Ismailia" on the sidelines of the festival.
The festival's shield was given to the late director Mohammed Kamel al-Qalioubi and was received by his son Rami al-Qalioubi and the late critic Samir Farid, who was handed over by his son, journalist Mohamed Samir Farid.
It is recalled that the 19th session is dedicated to my name Kuloubi and Farid.
The awards were then distributed in the presence of the Minister of Culture and the Governor of Ismailia, where the animation society was awarded the Korean film "My Father's Cabin". The best Arab film for "The Long Way" was also directed by Adel Badrawi.
The jury of the Egyptian Film Critics Association awarded her prize to the Dutch film Radio Kubani directed by Riber Dusky and decided to choose to succeed in challenging the difficult circumstances in order to provide a unique treatment of an important human subject in a striking visual way. He also succeeded in expressing the impact of the horrors of the war on the Copani Kurds The Islamic State (Dahesh) and translated in a distinctive cinematic language.
The committee was formed this year by critics Rami Metwally, Nader Rifai and Lamia Fathi, and was the judge of the long documentary films participating in the official competition of the festival only.
The main jury report was as follows:
The jury was chaired by Margrita Maguregui and the membership of:
- Director / Manu Gerosa Manu Gerosa
- Director / Byung A Han Byung A Han
- Director / Arun Chadha
- Director Darine Sallam
- Director / Ahmad Abdullah Ahmad Abdalla
And decided the following:
- First Long Documentary Film Competition:
Long Documentary Competition
Best Film Award:
Best Film
Radio Kobani
Jury Prize:
Jury Prize
Those Who Remain
Special mention:
Special Mention
The Second Night
Second Short Film Competition:
Short Documentary Competition
Best Film Award:
 A Man Returned
Special Jury Prize:
Saint Lazaro's Miracle
Special mention of the film:
Years Have Gone Winter Is Coming
Third Short Feature Film Competition:
Best Film Award:
Chasse Royale
Special Jury Prize:
Black Mountain
Special mention of the film:
Special mention of the film:
Behind the Wall
IV Animation Contest
Competition Animation
Best Film Award:
My Father's Room
Special Jury Prize:
Special mention of the film:
The Cats
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