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    Details of 20th Ismailia International Film Festival to be announced Wednesday
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    est documentaries and shorts to be screened during the 20th Ismailia International Film Festival
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    Registration for participation in Ismailia International Festival
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    The 20 edition of Ismailia International Film Festival

The memorial of the Unknown Soldier:
Located on Gabal Mariam seven kilometers south of Ismailia, overlooks the Suez Canal. The memorial is composed of two obelisks behind two girls carrying an Olive branch and a peace dove. It symbolized the victims of World War I.

Ismailia Regional Museum:
Located in Salah Salim Street, the museum was constructed in 1918. It has more than 4,000 objects from Pharaonic and Greco-Roman times. In the garden attached to the museum is a small sphinx from the time of Ramses II.

De Lessep’s House:
Located on Mohamed Ali Street, this was the residence of the French consul to Egypt. The house used to be open to the public however visitors are now required to obtain permission from the Suez canal Authority.

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